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Steering Committee Organizations

Chairman: Supervises the Steering Committee.

Annual Meeting Section: Plans and organizes the annual meeting where all member organizations congregate.

Research Planning Section: Plans cross-organizational research involving member organizations and utilizing the JCAS network.

Next-Generation Support Section: Supports young scholars (e.g. doctoral students, research assistants, and assistant professors) in their research and planning.
Research Exchange Promotion Section: Promotes exchange among researchers and experts, within and outside the consortium.

Public Relations Section: Administers the area studies information portal site and publishes newsletters.

Journal Section: Distributes research results information by editing and publishing the academic journal in Japanese entitled "Chiiki Kenkyu" (Area Studies).

Information Resources Section: Integrates area studies information from various sources to make it available for research.

Social Collaboration Section: Utilizes knowledge and information on area studies for on-site support and solutions in the event of natural disasters or conflicts.

Area Studies Research Methodology Study Group: Pursues methods to enable area studies to evolve from "connoisseurship" to something more accessible to the modern world.

JCAS Award Section: Commends individuals or organizations for significant contributions to the development of area studies

Administration Office: Responsible for the entire secretarial duties.