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The Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS) distributes "JCAS News" email newsletters to registered subscribers free of charge, providing the latest news including information on project submission and study group activities concerning JCAS and its members. Any individual, including those in non-member organizations, can subscribe. Please register for subscription following the procedure shown below. Subscribers must be individuals; registrations from groups or organizations cannot be accepted.

JCAS News Subscription Registration

To subscribe to "JCAS News", please send a blank email message to the address below:
jcasnews-join@jcas.jp After sending the email to the above address, please wait for a subscription confirmation email from jcasnews-request@jcas.jp.
When you receive the email, simply return it to the sender without including any body text. The "Subject" column can be left as it is ("Re: confirm…"). This completes your subscription registration.

JCAS News Subscription Cancellation

To cancel the subscription to "JCAS News", please send a blank email to the following address: