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Research Exchange Promotion Program

Project Recruitment Program
Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS)
"Research Exchange Promotion Program"

The modern world is faced with diverse issues such as natural disasters, conflicts, immigration and the natural environment, spanning multiple areas and interrelated with various fields, including politics, the economy, and culture, etc. A fixed perspective viewed from a specific area or field is not sufficient to fully understand these issues.

Due to the impact on a global scale, individual issues must often be assessed for their future course; based not only on present short-term research results, but also sufficient references to centuries of experiences accumulated by humanity. To facilitate the readiness for diverse issues today and basic research to identify their causes, JCAS strives to promote research projects, which are jointly planned and implemented among area studies researchers and experts from JCAS member organizations. The JCAS network supports this effort, allowing diverse individual members to exploit their specific strong areas to collaborate in research activities.

Based on the aforementioned background, JCAS initiated the "Research Exchange Promotion Program" last year, to which applicants can contribute projects, as an instrument to further encourage inter-member cooperation and collaboration and widely contribute to society with knowledge and information obtained from the projects. Budding research projects are recruited this year to lay the groundwork for next year's focus on more advanced projects. We expect your active participation in the program.

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