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Membership Application

  1. The Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS) membership is for collective entities (not individuals), such as research institutes associated with area studies (e.g. university-affiliated research institutes/centers, inter-university research institutes, other research institutes, and research projects); educational organizations (e.g. postgraduate research divisions/faculties or divisions); and related organizations (e.g. NGOs/NPOs and learned societies). Individuals cannot be members.
  2. Postgraduate schools can apply for membership as any entity of research division, faculty or course. Postgraduate schools should basically apply for themselves as one of the above groups rather than as a department.
  3. If multiple organizations share the same individuals as members (as is the case among affiliated research centers, research divisions and research projects), separate applications are still possible provided they are organizationally independent.
  4. rior to the application, please ensure that the membership is based on an appropriate decision-making procedure within the organization.
  5. Membership Application Procedure
    Submit the Membership Application Form to the Administration Office at the Japan Consortium for Area Studies by post, fax, or email (to info@jcas.jp) with the form attached.

April 26, 2004

President, Japan Consortium for Area Studies

Japan Consortium for Area Studies Membership Application Form

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