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Reason for Collaboration with NGO/NPO

<Benefits for Area Studies Researchers>

Researchers can train their comprehensive viewpoints, indispensable to understanding the complicated characteristics of extensively globalized world regions, where nations and diverse bodies such as international organizations, NGOs/NPOs, business entities, and other groups form a dynamic network of activities. The involvement in NGO/NPO activities provides area studies researchers with valuable knowledge and the insights required to study a target area from a multifaceted perspective and with understanding of the local society as a moving entity. The collaboration helps them accumulate their own knowledge base, based on practical social engagements, thus providing an opportunity to develop tactics or skills to engage in real society.

<Benefits for NGOs/NPOs>

NGOs/NPOs can easily obtain multilateral information concerning cultures and communities in the activity areas where the deployment of area-specific operation is urgently required, which would otherwise be impossible given the urgency of such action. On the other hand, knowledge and insights produced through NGO/NPO activities may be even more profound than the results of academic research projects. However, such achievements may not be shared with society due to the lack of appropriate channels. Collaboration with research/educational institutes can achieve a breakthrough for NGOs/NPOs, by facilitating the contribution of practice-based knowledge to social communities, ensuring tailored operation as if performed from within the latter, consequently improving the quality of their activities.

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