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The Japan Consortium for Area Studies Award has been developed in line with the consortium's statute, which defines the goals targeted by the consortium as follows: "The Japan Consortium for Area Studies aims to promote interdisciplinary area studies practiced across national and regional borders, and establish, as schemes to facilitate the above effort, research implementation/support systems based on collaboration among diverse organizations associated with area studies. The Consortium further targets the advancement of area studies as a new intellectual effort, in which diverse fields associated with humanities, social and natural sciences are integrated."

The statute also specifies the objectives:

  1. Plan/implement/support joint research projects;
  2. Establish and operate overseas research centers; and plan and implement international joint research and field study projects;
  3. Transfer and publication of research results within and outside Japan;
  4. Mutual utilization, sharing and publication of area studies information.

The JCAS awards are offered to publicly commend research achievements, joint research plans, and social collaboration activities that have significantly contributed to meeting the above goals and objectives.